What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy has been in existence for many years and is gaining much recognition now a days as a physical therapy to aid in effective pain management. It has proven to be superior especially in cases where patients tried Physiotherapy or visited the Chiropractor without satisfactory pain relief. Osteopathy was first introduced in the year of 1870 by founder A.T Stills. Osteopathy focuses more on body mobility, restoring its proper moving function and freeing it from any pain. Osteopathic practitioners can also help treat patients with muscles, spine and joints pain such as Neck pain, back or spine problems, hip and knee pains.

Oakville Osteopathic with back pain patient
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Osteopathic practitioners also work with patients who suffer from has arthritis, migraines/headaches, postural problems, digestive issues, tennis elbow and many more physical ailments. Some of  the osteopathic treatments also helps with sleep problems, Lymphatic signs and circulatory issues. In Osteopath sessions, problems or symptoms are detected and treated to improve the health problems by different moves, massage and stretches.